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2021: Volume 3

Okada School of Sociological Thoughts: Research and Development toward Pragmatic Solutions
Femi Rufus Tinuola, PhD; Professor (Adjunct) TAU
Editorial Comment

1. Health Seeking and Treatment Compliance among Hypertensive Adults in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Oluwadare, Christopher T.; Fasoro, Adejuwon A. & Igbekoyi, Emmanuel K.
OKADA Journal of Sociology 2021:1:271-287, Volume.3, Issue 1,

2. COVID-19 Lockdown and Indecent Sexual Behaviour in the Niger Delta
Ene, Warikiente Robert & Michael-Olomu, Oyintonyo
OKADA Journal of Sociology 2021:1:288-304, Volume.3, Issue 1,

3. Effect of Political Environment on the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in FCT
Luke, Miriam Aniedi, Dare, Daniel Joseph, & Iwuozor, Odili Markanthony
OKADA Journal of Sociology 2021:1:305-322, Volume.3, Issue 1,

4.Care for the Aged: A paradigm shift in Contemporary Jukuns Community in Taraba State, Nigeria
Kareem, Alidu Olatunji; Adah Comfort O; Oko Thomos O.
OKADA Journal of Sociology 2021:1:323-343, Volume.3, Issue 1,

5. Patterns and Management of Occupational and Health Hazards in the Informal Economic System of Sango-Ota, Nigeria
Musediq Olufemi Lawal; Adetayo Olorunlana; Oluwagbemiga Oluwaseun Ajayi & Nkechi Latifat Aliu
OKADA Journal of Sociology 2021:1:344-362, Volume.3, Issue 1,

6. Profiling HIV/AIDS Risk Perception, Safety and Marital Adjustment in Southwest Nigeria
Musediq Olufemi Lawal; Adetayo Olorunlana; Oluwagbemiga Oluwaseun Ajayi & Folake Olubunmi Lanre-Babalola
OKADA Journal of Sociology 2021:1:363-379, Volume.3, Issue 1,

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